Best Guide to Watch Preakness Stakes Live Stream 2019 Game Online

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Preakness Stakes 2019 Live Stream

Every year, Preakness Stakes is one of the most anticipated events in Mary Land, USA. It is embedded in the culture and history of the city. The ever-popular horse racing can be traced back in 1873, where its first run debuted. The horse race is scheduled every 3rd Saturday of May, and this 2019, there is no stopping the event from happening.

Preakness Stakes 2019

Preakness Stakes Live Online

Last years event, the Preakness Stakes 2018, became its 143rd run. The race was attended by a total of 134,487 people which was the third largest attendance on the history of Preakness Stakes. This is a surprising thing since the weather has been bad. This caused the race track to become sloppy, making it difficult and hard for horse racing. The whole event was broadcasted on NBC from 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm and is watched by many people. The list of the competing horses for that event are as follows:

First, one is Justify, the winner of the 2018 American Triple Crown by accomplishing the Kentucky Derby, the Belmont Stakes and of course, the Preakness Stakes 2018. Its jockey is Mike E. Smith and its trainer is Bob Baffert. The horse is currently retired as we speak. It is the second horse to win American Triple Crown with an outstanding undefeated record, next only Seattle Slew.

2018 Preakness Stakes Winners

The second one is Bravazo, the second placer of the Preakness Stakes 2018. Its jockey is Luis Saez and its trainer is Chad D. Wayne Lukas.

The other horses included in the race are:

Third placer – Tenfold

Fourth Placer – Good Magic

Fifth-placer – Lone Sailor

Sixth Placer – Sporting Chance

Seventh Placer – Diamond King

Eight Placer – Quip

It is expected that Justify and Good Magic will be competing for head to head with each other since Good Magic came only second to Justify on Kentucky Derby 2018. They are considered rivals because of this and people are excited to see the outcome of the race. This was the case on the first half of the race, as Justify came first with Good Magic running behind him at a consistent rate. However, during the mid part of the race, Bravazo and Tenfold overtook Good Magic. This made Good Magic fall into the fourth place.

You might be wondering where you can watch this prestigious horse race. If you don’t have the money for tickets or are too far away from the event, there are live stream alternatives you can watch from! You can enjoy watching and cheering for your favorite horse from the comfort of your home, drinking your favorite beverage and eating some chips and popcorn! But choosing the best place to live stream the event can be tricky because there are a lot of websites to choose from.

Different Watching Options for Preakness Stakes 2019

The 2019 Preakness Stake is scheduled on the 18th of May 2019 and will be done at Pimlico Race Course, Baltimore, Maryland in the United States. The most common way to watch the Preakness Stakes 2019 is through the main network that will feature the horse race, NBC Sports Network. Most people from the United States probably has a cable or satellite connection with this network. You can also expect to watch reruns from other similar networks but it is unclear to what television networks will feature the said horse race.

It is also best to tune in to different networks you know that have featured the same Preakness Stakes for the previous years as they are more likely to air the race in their network. If you look forward to watching the Preakness Stakes in the United States, stay tuned to NBC Sports Network on May 18, 2019. It is likely to air at around 2:30 in the afternoon until 5 pm.

NBC Sports Network also do live streaming on their official website. NBC already have compiled all the videos in one run so you won’t worry about interruption from advertisements. In addition, they also have a collection of the previous horse races that you may want to view again. This means that even you have missed the actual and live streaming of horse races, you are still able to watch it completely on their website.

They also have channel finder if you are living in different zip codes. However, if you are one of the many people without cable and access to television, there are other means where you may be able to watch the horse race.

Watch a Live Stream of Preakness Stakes 2019 Online on Tablet or Smartphones

There are also a lot of people who do not prefer to watch on TV. Since smartphones and tablets are more convenient and portable. Others also use these gadgets when they are outside the comfort of their homes. For example, they are out with their friends or they are currently on their way home or still in their workplace. This is convenient if they are not able to watch it through television especially when they are out.

There are different streaming services and websites that are also compatible to watch in your smartphones and tablets. You may also stream live on NBC Sports App. This is available on the Apple App Store, Google Play, Windows Store, Roku Channel Store, Amazon FireTV, Chromecast, Xbox, and Samsung TV. Others include the Hulu with Live TV, DirecTV, and even PSVue.

There are also service providers that give free promos and discounts when you subscribe to their services. Not only that, but there are also services that are easy to cancel anytime you like it. But, make sure to check first if you will be able to watch to their channel or network the race you are hoping for since this race may not be available to all areas.

Pay for Live Streaming of the Preakness Stakes 2019

If you are unable to find a subscription for applications and services or do not have access to NBC Sports Network, there are also plenty of options where you will be able to watch the horse race live. However, these services might require you to pay to be able to watch. So, if you are an avid Preakness Stakes viewer, you may choose a permanent subscription to the streaming service. But first, here are some services you may consider to look at before settling for one.

1.    Hulu Live has a free trial of their services so you may want to subscribe to it and time your subscription to the schedule of the race. After the free trial, it will charge you of up to $39.99 monthly afterward.

2.    Sling TV Orange costs about $20 monthly.

3.    PlayStation Vue has a tiered package and may cost about $49.99 monthly.

4.    FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial and you can also watch live streaming of Preakness there. It is also recommended by multiple sites to watch the Preakness Stakes 2019 over.

5.    Apple TV

6.    Comcast X1

7.    Windows 10 computers

8.    Xbox

9.    Samsung devices

10. Amazon Fire

11. PlayStation Vue

12. DirectTV Now

13. Youtube TV

Other services allow you to pay only for a certain viewing. It is also known as PPV or pay per view, wherein you will pay to view only one show or for a certain day. Anyway, this means that even you watch in a streaming device you will have to pay before watching. And the advantage of availing a pay per view service is, there’s no lagging and there are no commercial breaks that might interrupt your momentum of watching. This will make you watching more comfortable. The broadcast starts at 5 in the afternoon and the race itself is expected to start at around a quarter before 7 pm. Or around quarter to 4 pm in the Pacific Time zone.

Watch the Preakness Stakes 2019 Online at Your Web Browser

There are also less popular sites that streams live horse races but you will need a stable and fast connection to avoid video lags. Here are some:

1.    Sports Illustrated covers different types of sports. It is one of the best sources of sports news and analysis. You may be able to subscribe to their magazine and be updated on everything that is sports related. It is open for all ages and covers a lot of different sports anyone may be interested in. Aside from their $5.99 magazines, they also post videos of sports on their website. The only thing you will have to pay is your subscription to their magazines, so you have free access to streaming to their site.

2.    Fansided offers a lot of varieties of sports-related channels. It has a more than 300 network sites that include major professional sports teams and other TV shows. They also post videos of Preakness Stakes at their official website. You may be able to browse their website if you also want to stay updated for the local sports happening around. The best thing about their list is it can be classified and sorted out depending on its specific genre, or it can be listed alphabetically.

Watch the Preakness Stakes 2019 at Social Media Platform

Social media now has been evolving. It also allows people to watch different live events, and these include the Preakness Stakes. Below are some of the social media platforms that allow you to watch your favorite race live.

Youtube TV

Youtube is one good option since it is one of the most popular and most trusted streaming sites where anyone can watch their 2019 Preakness Stake. One great advantage of Youtube is it is accessible by almost all people who have an internet connection. Another thing is you may be able to subscribe to your favorite channel and watch your favorite shows and programs. But take note, even though Youtube viewing is free, there are certain shows that you will need to pay to watch.

There is also a Youtube TV that needs a compatible device in order to be used. It doesn’t matter if it is a smartphone, a tablet, a laptop or a desktop, as long as it is compatible, you may be able to watch what you want. Another advantage is you will be able to watch all their programs once you are subscripted to their channel. In three easy steps, you will be able to watch. You only need to sign up, subscribe then pay.

One more thing about Youtube is there are other channels and avid fans that do their own live streaming where you can watch the game without even paying a cent. It only depends though on the quality of the video these people are capturing.

Facebook Live

Facebook also have their own Facebook live wherein you can also watch live streams of the 2019 Preakness Stake. If you know someone who is going to the venue to watch, you may check their account if they have updates and or doing Facebook Lives. You may also check group or pages of Preakness Stakes and other horse racing pages to watch their streaming. Other pages share links to where you will be able to watch the game. In addition, you can also chat with other watchers about their comments and opinions about the race.


The Twitter platform, on the other hand, is known to do periscope or twitter live streams. You may check your twitter if there are any updates and periscopes about the Preakness Stakes. Just like at Facebook, other viewers may also drop down and give links about the Preakness Stakes.


Streaming through VPN is another choice you may do. It is needed especially if the show is available only to specific regions. There are also different live streams like ExpressVPN, IPVanis, PureVPN, Nord VPN, and much more.

Listening to the Preakness Stakes 2019 at Radios

Listening to the Preakness Stakes 2019 is one practice of being an updated individual. It may be because you don’t have internet connections or are not subscribed to any streaming devices. Radios are one of the most tuned to the game and one of the most updated. You may listen to podcasts and to other known channels that feature similar events.

Other platforms also allow you to watch your favorite race on different compatible gadgets like cellphones, tablets, laptop or even desktop. Android phones and even iPhones are widely accepted by people and can be a source of game videos. This allows you to watch the videos without leaving the comfort of your home. There are also ways to do just that.

1.    Check your streaming devices if it is available in the local app store and if it is accessible for all regions. Most streaming services are only compatible with laptops and desktops but due to the innovation of technology, there are other applications that can operate in tablets and even smartphones.

2.    Check these applications if it is compatible with your device. There are certain streaming devices that require a higher OS of phones in order to operate. So, if your smartphone is low-tech, expect it to have very limited access to a different application that gives free or lie streaming.

3.    If these networks do not have applications, you may also search their webpage and see if the videos being posted can be streamed to your phone. This can be your backup plans even if there are available applications.

4.    The last thing, make sure to sign up, register and enjoy your streaming. You might also want to share your knowledge with other people who want to watch Preakness Stakes 2019 like you. Other applications also offer free trials where you can avail to test out their programs and services for a limited number of days.

Watching Preakness Stakes 2019 outside of the United States

Earlier, it has been mentioned that there are some streaming services that are only limited to a specific region. Even if you subscribe, if you are not included or not in the region, you won’t be able to watch it unless you do the following:

1.    Use VPN by cloaking your IP address as part of the US. This can allow access to region-specific streaming.

2.    Use other alternative video streaming sites and applications that are available to your region. As mentioned before, there are different types and platforms where you can watch the Preakness Stakes in 2019. You may try searching at Facebook, Youtube, and Twitter as these are the most visited social media platforms. Even PlaystationVue and Hulu TV can be an alternative.

3.    You may use the Unlocator in order to bypass the geo-locking or the region-specific. It can spoof your location on the web and made others think that you are in the region.

This generally means that you have to be in the United States to watch your awaited sports event. There are possible ways to watch without spending a cent or going to the venue after long hours of travel. But, watching it live provides an even better experience than watching it through an electronic device. Continue reading to know more.

Watching the Preakness Stakes 2019 Live at the Pimlico Race Course, Maryland

No other streaming services can equal to the experience you will get when watching the game live. You will be able to cheer on your bet and even experience the feeling of competition so vividly. Since the race will be held at the Month of May, there are still a lot of preparations you can do to go and buy tickets and book up vacations to watch the game. It is guaranteed to be a worthwhile experience than watching it in live streaming online and on television.

How and Where to Get Tickets for the Preakness Stakes 2019

The first Preakness Stakes was held in 1873 and has been an annual racehorse held every year on the third Saturday of May. It is the second leg of the horse racing Triple Crown. The first leg is the Kentucky Derby while the third leg is the Belmont Stakes. It is named by the past Maryland Governor after the name of the colt who won the Dinner Party Stakes in 1870.

The Pimlico Race Course of Maryland has been up for more than 130 years and is the best fit for the Preakness Stakes 2019. It is the second oldest race track in the nation.  It can accommodate 120,000 guests. There are standard package seating categories. You may choose from the Grandstand Apron Box, Grandstand Concourse or Grandstand Upper Reserved Seats. These place each offers you an exhilarating vantage point where you can watch the race between your favorite horses and jockeys.

There have been controversies that the Preakness will be transferred to Laurel Park in Anne Arundel County because of its newer and modernized location. Even though there have been controversies about the Pimlico Race Track renovations, the one-day sports event will still go on.

Tickets for the Preakness Stakes 2019 ranger from $40 to $720 per person. This price depends on the experience they select and the InfieldFest tickets will go on sale sooner.

Tickets include the seats in the Grandstand or Apron. It can also be access to InfieldFest and the Preakness Village. In the year 2017, luxury features like climate-controlled glass chalets, new foods, and décor have been installed to the village as an upgrade. These tickets can be purchased online at and they also offer VIP packages. These tickets are also available in They offer a unique experience for all the guests’ present and it includes multi-day tickets, amazing trackside views from the Grandstand and Apron. It also includes an elevated race-day luxury in the Preakness Village. It is one of a kind experience every viewer would like to experience, more to say it can only be done once a year.

They have a partnership with Club Glow for a VIP Lounge experience. It is the longest running electronic dance music promotion in Washington. It also has an echo stage where there is an elevated viewing platform, bottle service, and private restrooms.

The 95th Black-Eyed Susan Day will be celebrated a day before the race, 17th of May at Pimlico. There are also tickets for that event which aims to draw women and other people who see the May 18th to be crazy. The tickets are also available at the given website above. You may check the site for more detailed info regarding the ticket sales.

Belinda Stronach stated that the Stronach Group is committed to the success of the Preakness Stakes while making the experience of their guests modernized. Mayor Catherine Pugh, on the other hand, has made uplifting Pimlico and the Park Heights neighborhood the top priority as preparation for the event.

They invited city officials from Kansas to meet with a team of sports and architects from Populous to discuss their plan of redesigning Pimlico in order to expand to be an entertainment hub. But, the budget of this project is still unclear since it is only a world-wide spotlight for two days yearly.

Tips for Buying Preakness Stakes 2019 Tickets Online

When buying your tickets, make sure you are fully prepared. Since this is done annually, more and more people are expected to attend and participate to cheer for their jockeys and horses. Here are some preparation tips you should do:

1.    Make sure to have a stable and reliable internet connection. Since ticket sales are currently ongoing as announced by the owners of Pimlico Race Course on the 1st of November 2018, expect the first few days to cause the ticket seller a connection or even system break because of too much traffic. You are not the only one accessing the servers of the Ticketmaster. So it is best to have a stable and fast internet so you can easily grab and reserve your tickets. The faster you click to buy a ticket, the faster you can pass the waiting room for ticket queuing and claim it as one of your own. You can advise your family to avoid using websites that can slow down your internet connection when grabbing the tickets.

2.    Be as early as possible because there are people who are also waiting to get the first ticket for the event. This means the servers will be loaded of too much traffic and will avoid you from being queued after thousands. Remember that if there are many who have reserved their tickets, you have a slow chance of reserving yours too.

3.    Try maximizing your connections by knowing someone who is also going to the Preakness Stakes. You can ask them to reserve you a ticket if they are earlier than you. Or, try knowing someone who is working as organizers or staff in the Preakness Stakes and asks them to reserve you a ticket. You have to pay for your own ticket, of course.

Do not be shy and embarrassed to use your connections. You are not doing something illegal. But don’t make them feel guilty too if you are using them. If they can help you, then it is better but if they cannot, or they are not allowed to. Make sure to do the first two steps in order to acquire your own tickets.

Make sure to read and select your tickets carefully. You can also have the other VIP privileges for a higher price. When going to the event, make sure to not only focus on the gamble and monetary prices. It is best to enjoy your time while watching the horse race. In addition, do not involve yourself to casualties like quarreling with other people because of your conflicts of opinions or giving insults to other people.

Remember that there are also sensitive people who just want to watch the race peacefully and are focused on the race. You only have to enjoy the moment.

After the game, you also have to decide if you will follow the race and proceed to the 2019 Belmont Stakes. Since these two are related, you may show an interest in attending such an event that will be done on June 8th of the same year.

Preakness Stakes 2018 Justify with Mike E Smith up

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